5 Tips for Living an Organization Free from Chaos

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Five Tips for Living an Organization Free from Chaos

I think everyone agrees on the hatred of chaos, so much so that we ignore it, and sometimes we are isolated from people because we are worried about their perception of us because of our anarchy, but fortunately we can overcome the lack of organization or chaos of the home, the ones we do not like to admit, Patience and an open mind to achieve what we want in our homes and our lives.

So I will give you today 5 simple and modern tips to change your thinking, making you more organized:

Start with a small step
For some reason our minds believe that we have to finish a whole project at once. Have you ever wondered why you did not accomplish any of your tasks or projects on time? I think one of the reasons is that the project is very huge and needs to be done while you are very busy with other things that made you fail to do it. But this scenario will not be repeated again! When you start with a small step, even if the step is to organize a cup of pens to finish the main project, you will avoid the pressure to complete the task and you will find that you completed it quickly and on time.

Listen to podcasts about organization
The best things you can do in the morning or while driving to stimulate your mind are listening to things that stimulate your mental and physical development, and I have noticed that in my own life and the life around me that it has had a positive impact in our lives. The podcasts - or, as some call it, the broadcasters - such as Organize 365 and A Slob Comes Clean are bloggers that kept me at times when I was lazy. One of the secrets of actually changing your lifestyle is to change your mindset and way of thinking by incorporating these simple habits into your life, and you will achieve it as quickly as possible.

Prepare a list of tasks
The idea may seem trite, but writing a list of tasks is actually an effective idea - and of course if you use it - and as I said earlier, chaos is harmful, and to fight it you have to face it with small tasks. Here are two examples of the effectiveness of the task list in helping you stay organized:

Using the menu to plan tasks that you have to do at home after work will prevent you from being preoccupied with other things after a stressful day.
The Task List contains only priority tasks so you'll know exactly what to do first to keep organized.
The list of tasks, plans or any other name you call them, is usually you should apply in your life to become and remain as organized as your nature.

Keep things you love
Here are some common responses that come to me when I talk about this topic:

"I love everything in my house and it's impossible to get rid of anything! All my possessions have meaning! "

My best answer is: "I paid a lot for it and did not wear it for once! But I have two years ago ... "

These are just a few of the responses from my clients when I suggest that they keep things they love only at home. Let me explain what I mean by this. Let's start with an example. We love our family (close friends only), but we may prefer each other, some of whom we love so much that we can not live without it. This kind of feeling is what I expect you should measure when dealing with your household items. You love your pen a lot, and the idea of ​​not having it affects your life. If you do not have that feeling about other things in your home, it's time to give up.


Make it a habit
Recent studies have shown that humans need two to eight months to create a new habit. This may seem exaggerated, especially because it is organized, but in fact this information is pleasant since the formation of new habits is not done in one step but there must be an integrated process to achieve better results. A commitment to a regulatory system and practice will create a positive mentality and develop your organizational skills even if you encounter some obstacles

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