11 Information provided by Apple to every employee on his first day, important and will change a lot of you

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In many books and magazines, we come across a series of motivational words that instill in us a spirit and determination to work hard and persevere to achieve our dreams successfully and tirelessly. The same thing Apple uses with all its novice employees, invites them to save 11 bases that make you A person who is productive and persevering in his work, and makes you feel that the job with Apple is for you more than just a job. That's exactly what Hawksley Dinsenay, one of Apple's employees, said at Reddit. Once read.
اقرأ 11 معلومة تقدمها شركة آبل لكل موظف في يومه الأول، مهمة وستغير فيك الكثير.jpg
Employee Huxley Dinsenay has presented the image of Apple's badge to all Reddit employees as follows:
• These rules and motivational statements are as follows:
• Let's start from the past so that we can make a better future.
• We always tell the truth, and bad news we announce it in a hurry more than later.
• The highest levels that we expect to reach are integrity and when you do not understand Ask.
• Learn to be a businessman, not just a salesman.
• Everyone works in the ground.
• Be professional in the way you work, speak and act.
• Listening to customers, it's always the only way to get it.
• Create profitable relationships with the company and the customer.
• See who's around you, and sharing information is the best thing.
• Do not take yourself seriously.
• Enjoy work or it will not be worth it.

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• Enjoy work or it will not be worth it.

This is gold right here. Some do take themselves too seriously to actually enjoy work.