Situation getting worse, 107+ died already, Dead animals are floating all around...

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The flood condition on Bangladesh is getting worse day by day. Already 107+ people died including 92 people who died sinking in water. Animals are also washed away. Dead animals are floating all around. The water is contaminated and there is scarcity of pure drinking water. People are crying for food, pure water and shelter. Here is some recent snapshot of the current condition of the flood.

Children are crying for food


Dead animals are floating all around




Houses are damaged and there is no place to take shelter



Water and water everywhere, no place to take shelter




I would like to request you guys to pray for our people. Condition is getting worse every hour. Pray for them, and if possible, stand beside them by helping the flood affected people.

Resteem the post to help others to see the post and stand beside the helpless people. Help others in their need, the almighty creator will help you in your need.

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my prayers goes to all of you suffering in Bangladesh

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