Recent Flood in Bangladesh, 50+ died already and a great havoc caused....

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Flood has recently visited the north part of Bangladesh. Almost 15 districts have gone under water. More than 1 million people are affected. Houses, infrastructure, roads and almost all buildings are damaged. More than 50 people died already.

The people are now living under open air. There is scarcity of food and pure drinking water. Hunger is widespread and the people are helpless. We are trying our best to send food and pure drinking water to the affected people. I want to share some of the snapshots of the damage caused by the flood.

Houses under water



Roads and infrastructures are damaged




Water and water everywhere and the miseries of the people






I would like to request you guys to pray for our people. Condition is getting worse every hour. Pray for them, and if possible, stand beside them by helping the flood affected people.

Resteem the post to help others to see the post and stand beside the helpless people. Help others in their need, the almighty creator will help you in your need.

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This is Horrible! I will Pray for those in need...

Thanks missiontothemoon. We all should stand beside them and pray for them...

Are you safe my friend?

yes. I was outside that affected area. I am safe..

so glad to hear that...