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How to Kill Your Sugar Addiction Naturally

in life •  2 years ago 

Another great video. The other popular view on the reason for sugar craving, is that most sugary products heavily refined, and so have very little essential vitamins and minerals your body needs, and so it tries to compensate for what is missing by eating more. Such foods did not exist naturally and most of us may unconsciously associate the refined stuff as nutritious. For example, a naturally grown fruit that is often sweet and will have essential vitamins and mineral to fulfill our body's requirement. But when it comes to eating void processed and refined sugary foods, our body can be tricked into thinking that it is one of those nutritious fruits you are eating, but it is not. So our bodies will keep craving something to eat until it has fulfilled its needs.

Our body does not need too much sugar. What we are really craving for is real nutrition, food with all the vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats that Dr Axe has mentioned, which are things that are very easy to miss out in our modern diets, but can fulfill and help can calm down our sugar cravings.

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Very well put!