The Benefit Of Greening

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Hello guys,,
We are now familiar with the name of global warming. It is not just a stranger to hear the term, but we are familiar with the event. The impact of global warming in our environment at this time is no longer an issue, but it has become a real fact that is being experienced by society at this time.

Global warming itself can cause a change in the seasonal cycle which becomes very difficult to predict. The very real fact of the existence of global warming at this time is marked by a prolonged dry season and resulting in drought where or the opposite is the case, namely the existence of very high rainfall resulting in flooding.

A real action that can actually be used to prevent a situation from deteriorating due to global warming is the maintenance and safeguarding of the natural environment at this time. Various types of maintenance concepts for the environment have actually been established by one of the international organization bodies as well as by local communities. The real action that you can do at this time is to do the greening of the environment.

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Greening the environment

Greening of the environment can be started from a macro scale, namely the existence of extensive mapping of conservation forests and consistency in the protection of conservation forests that exist in one region or one district and also the country. As for the micro scale can be started from the greening for urban areas. Environmental problems that occur such as the problem of deteriorating air quality in urban areas and the problem of clean water are caused by the worsening of a regional condition regarding the problem of water absorption.

The water catchment area which is supposed to be used as one of the green zones, but now there are many that have turned into a building area. The large number of buildings that have been built in the green zone causes centralized urban heating and is called Urban Heat Island. This centralized heating will be able to increase the temperature of the hot temperatures that occur in the city, so this makes the use of air conditioner in a building increase.

Greening is a real action that can save the environment so that it doesn't get worse. With the greening, problems in the environment such as the occurrence of floods, the problem of difficulty getting clean water, and also other problems will be overcome and can be reduced. Greening the environment is one of the easiest ways to do to save the environment.
Benefits of greening

Greening the environment itself has millions of benefits for us and also for the environment in which we live. Here are some examples of the benefits of greening for us and the environment:

  • To prevent floods
  • To maintain a quality water that comes from the soil
  • To reduce the presence of dirty air pollution
  • To prevent greenhouse impacts
  • To reduce the amount of dust particles

And that's a bit of my writing with the theme of the benefits of greening. As long as we breathe, let's take care of the environment. Because the clean and cool nature makes the book of peace and positive thinking.


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