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"Keep it simple"

Do not overthink or overcomplicate things in any aspect of your life. While we are not robots our brains operate like a computer and our capacities are limited. Throw human emotions like stress or anger into the mix and what you have is a potential complex and complicated mess.

3 Reasons why you should keep it simple:

1. Complicated is bad for your health! Overthinking is the mental habit of giving birth to thoughts and ideas that are not real or have already happened and nothing can be done. And the reason why overthinking harms us is clear: because it’s not connected with the present moment, which means it’s not real and evokes negative emotions in us that shouldn’t be there, like stress or anxiety.

2.Complexity can indicate a lack of clarity! As Einstein said it best :

3.Our brain forgets anyway! Recent studies showed that we forget 50% of everything we learn within the next 24 hours and that an astounding 80-90% of all information we process is lost within a week ! Stop worrying about things you are most likely going to forget anyway .

3 Ways to keep it simple:

1. Mental Life : Adopt a more relaxed attitude
Try not to stress and overthink about less important matters and give up on being perfect ! Seeking perfection only complicates things and keeps you from producing at much higher levels. Even in personal life ,you will enjoy it much more when you come to accept your limitations , rather than trying to fix everything to perfection .

2.Workplace/Studying : Do not multitask, prioritize instead!
Unfortunately we cannot multitask. When you are dealing with many tasks and you realize that you are getting overwhelmed , stop whatever you are doing ! Then pick the easiest one among them and focus on this task or assignment instead. This will give you momentum, help you be more organized and will get you more work done.

3.Investing : Pick your field of expertise and stick to it!
Whether it is cryptos , stock market , real estate, lending or something else , do not just jump from field to field. Focus on the one you excel instead , you are more likely to make profits this way. Think of it like sports , its easier to become better if you focus on the sport you are good at ,rather than trying to learn 3 or 4 different ones at once.

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