Life-changing tip of the day [3]

in life •  3 months ago

"Invest in yourself first"

Instead of spending endless amount of money and effort looking for the next big thing, instead for condemning yourself or others for missed opportunities perhaps you should realize that the next big thing is in fact yourself!
There are and always will be , endless opportunities for success. Giving yourself the knowledge and the weapons to attract it might just be the single thing needed to take you to the top !
Therefore, next time you are thinking about investing your precious time and money on someone else , think about the ever lasting gains and possibilities that investing in yourself would provide. Getting a new Degree , attending a new course , reading a new book , learning a second language , taking care of your body and mind, improving a certain skill and so on.. will certainly give more returns than any "hot new ICO" and that is a fact proven many times!
Time and money investing in yourself will always pay out. Believe and invest in yourself and you will be surprised with the results.

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