Life-changing tip of the day [2]

in life •  3 months ago

"Keep an open mind"

-What if I told you that in Ancient Greece humans were creating "Gods" in order to explain natural phenomena and disasters such as rain , thunder , fire and so on .. and anyone that did not align with this kind of thought was considered crazy ?
-What if I told you that in the 15th century everyone thought that earth was the center of the universe.. and any who objected or proposed otherwise was considered crazy?
-What if i told you that many technological marvels of our time such as television, mobile phones , or even the internet were met with skepticism and rejection during their early years?
-What if I tell you now that Bitcoin is the future and its value will be 250000$ in the next 5 years ?
-What if I tell you that 50 years from now many fundamental laws of physics such as gravity and the law of conservation of energy will be completely different and/or outdated?
You can consider these assumptions crazy , history has proven that most will agree with you.
Or you can try to keep an open mind ..

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