The man, the parrot and pepper

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Being in Boca Chica, we went to a nearby restaurant for dinner. For a moment, nothing interesting happened until the waitress had released the lovely green parrot. I dream to have my own parrot. However, returning to the matter, I started to talk to her, at first she did not react to me, just walked on the white sand. Finally, she began to walk around my chair. put my hand on the sand and waited for him to make a decision. She jumped in without thinking. Then she started walking from one arm to the other and tried to hide behind my head. I had great fun.




On our Polish Channel, you can hear her calling "pepper". [10:19]



so cool that is to see wonderful parrot :D

Thank you my friend ;)

That's a pretty amazing place to enjoy and have fun :)

Thank you :)

this is a very fun trip, I love with your cool photography, hopefully you always succeed my friends.

Thank you so much ;)

Amazing creatures, aren't they? I remember sitting in a hotel lobby where they had a habitat set up for parrots, and we just sat there with friends watching them and taking pictures.

Awesome. I like parrots :)

Me too. Have you ever had them talk back to you?

Wow! You really looks very pleased with this green parrot!! You have the knack of communicating with animals! This parrot is very smart and highy evolved!

They should have at least three parrots there, one is too lonesome!


HAHA I was also surprised when she changed her mood ;)

A waiter with a parrot?
Not an every day thing where I came from (Hungary).
I mean I don't go to restaurants often, but I didn't saw a waiter with a green parrot so far at all. I guess you are lucky.
I had to use Google, because I didn't know where "Boca Chica" is.
Now I know that this municipality is in the Dominican Republic.
It's not a big surprise (that I didn't know it), because I am not a traveller and I didn't visited foreign countries so far at all.

I am glad that you like it. Actually that parrot belong to the boss of the restaurant. The waiters keep an eye on her and let her go for a walk ;)

great attraction of the restaurent about presence of parrot.

Yes, It was really funny day ;) Thank you

Lovely birdie but I also love that sand full of footprints.

Oh, thank you :)

My pleasure :)

Amazing post thanks for sharing , the parrot is so pretty:)

Thank you :)

Such a cool friend you have so nice shots

Thank you so much :)

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