Nature and the phone

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When finally a man relaxes on a horse trip and wants to ventilate the beautiful landscape, he notices that somewhere in the middle of nothing is wifi. You think it's not possible and suddenly the phone rings. Turning off the phone to enjoy eye-catching views that are unforgettable. Honestly, I was surprised by this situation. I did not turn the phone off, thinking it would not be possible for the phone to ring high up in the mountains. What a surprise !!!


Together with my wife, we like horses but for her it was the first time climbing a horse to the top of the mountain.

dcdb8214-5895-401d-bf9e-731b0e31dbdb 2.JPG

Somewhere down there is a wonderful property surrounded by the amazing nature and the wildness of the place.




Excellent post good article and photography dear @gregbit

wow the nature is just amazing there incredible shots wow wow and wow :D

Yes, it is ;)

Wow this is excellent photography and great work.
Thanks @gregbit
Have a great day

Thank you :)

I like riding a horse it's long time i'm not riding the horse

Cool man :) Grab a horse

Looks like an amazing experience! Hope you enjoyed it!!

Indeed, it was really great experience ;)

Que recorrido tan hermoso, puedo observar a través de tus imágenes que se respira aire puro, y estoy de acuerdo con guardar el teléfono al salir de paseo por esos paisajes en steemit y solo sacarlo para tomar las fotografías que despues compartiras

Gracias :)

Splendid photos my friend! Again, that blue with the green is fantastic!

Thank you. It was amazing day ;)

I can see that :)

Great picture, what kind of camera are you using?

Excellent Place and excellent photography.

Happy Steeming.

Yes, it is fantastic place :)

If I could go there.

wow..........ever green nature and blue sky......with horse ..totally so amazing journey...i think,,you spent a enjoyable day ..and must be refresh your self..wish you all the best...

Yes, indeed I spent really fantastic day :)

wow, what a snapped on horse ride, specially the white cloud in blue sky looks like cotton stack on floating. great tour with your wife on mountain horse ride. the beautiful evergreen nature is show on here!

The sky was really beautiful in that particular day :)

the beautiful nature and the beautiful pictures!

Thank you :)

Wonderful photography your shots are so great

Thank you so much ;)

what a beautiful place and how densely populated flora is here...
this is really something awesome to ride horse along with your Life Partner

Yes, it was fantastic day. Thank you :)

I rode a horse to the top of a mountain once...long before the days of cell phones! Beautiful views!

Oh, how great my friend. Thank you ;)

In the old wild west times, it was the gun, today it's the phone! 😉

HAHA great comparison. The funniest is the rider with the phone.

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