Planting the Seeds of Hope through our Positive Goals

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Our life goals reflect our own values as well as our place and purpose in this world. Thus, it is important for us to set positive goals that not only affect ourselves but also those around us. We are but a small cog in the machine. It is important for a person to know and accept this fact in order to create a positive lasting effect in this world. Keep in mind that being negligent to our responsibility as a living creature in this world will only have negative repercussions on us. While we may need Mother Earth to survive, she does not need us. This is why it is important for us to have selfless positive goals and take the necessary steps in achieving positive goals.

Learning the Foundations

There are a couple of foundations that we can use when we set our own goals in life. First, let us learn to focus on the positive human emotions like love and hope. Hope is a very a powerful emotion that humans have. It gives us the strength to continue even through immense hardships. The second is by participating in activities that challenge us to be a better person by learning important virtues. Finally, by devoting some of our time to helping those who need assistance is one of the most powerful actions in achieving positive goals. By participating in activities that help strengthen the camaraderie in the community, we are able to form strong bonds with others, and as a result help us grow as a human being.

The Importance of Setting Positive Goals

As an emotional creature, it is relatively easy for humans to get lost in their journey through life. This is where setting goals in life help; as we create achievable and realistic goals we are able to focus ourselves on the task at hand. Building a clear and positive goal will help us increase productivity and achieve what we previously thought of as impossible. It is also a way to create a path to happy and content life.

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The 3 Pillars of Forming a Positive Goal

When we think about our life goals, we do not just think about ourselves. Our goals will also have varying effects on the people around us no matter what this goal might be. This is the reason why we must base our goals on these 3 factors to ensure that not only will it lead us to success, but also help others that we meet on the way.

Altruism – It is essential for us to think about the effects of achieving this goal will have on others. Will it have an adverse effect on certain people? Will it have a positive effect on them or none at all?

Self-Improvement – Ask yourself this. Does achieving this goal help you grow as a human being not only through success in life but by being a respectable member of society? Being a better human being is not based on social stature but by the lasting effects our actions leave on the world.

Optimism – This is the rope that binds these three together. Without a positive outlook on life, how will you be able go about achieving positive goals? Positivity also has a comforting effect on people and its potential is limitless.

Do you have your own positive goal?

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I don't think a lot of people know that word, altruism.

And that is why it is so important to start from ourselves :) Inspiring others who are not lucky enough to value it! :)