TOP 5 ways to STOP compating yourself to Others

in #life3 years ago


At every stage of life we have several events in which we compare ourselves with others. It is a natural phenomenon but not really good when it comes to success and a happy lifestyle. It is obviously natural to compare yourself to others and even envy them. We can also call it a jealousy factor when we compare ourselves with others. It mostly happens when we don't have something that others have. It may be beauty, success, expensive phones, girlfriends and any other thing that facinates us.

Now, let me tell you why it is so harmful. Comparing yourself to others can reduce your self esteem and thinking bad about yourself which will eventually reduce your success level and peace of mind. It reduces the confidance level and enthusiasm. It may make you confuse about yourself which is absolutly bad to excel.

How to stay away?
Here are some points you can keep in mind to stay away from this problem:
1- Find your purpose and goals. Make them clear in your mind.
2- Don't get overexcited about other people.
3- Feel the power in you.
4- Remember you don't have the full picture.
5- Remind yourself what you have that others don't and try to learn from others instead of getting jealous.


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