Why is the Mastercard called Mastercard?

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When Lincoln outlawed slavery the slave owners had to invent a new way to keep the people busy and working for them. So the Masters replaced rule by force with rule by plastic. Instead of physically enslaving the free people, they were enslaved financially. Put into chains by debts imposed on their futures.

Hence, Mastercard.

If you are in debt that piece of plastic is your Master until you pay him off and buy your freedom.

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so true mate .. let crypto be the saviour !! :] UpVoted via cnts


Credit goes to Aquarius Jackson. I got it from him :D Just thought I'd share!

Hi, interesting perspective, but I would like point out that Lincoln never outlawed slavery. The Emancipation Proclamation of 1863 freed all persons held as slaves in the states which had seceded from the Union. So, slaves in border states, like Maryland, and slaves in Southern territories already held by the North at the time (like North Carolina) were not freed by Lincoln. They remained slaves until the end of the Civil War in 1865 or so when the North won and the 13th Amendment was rattified.

But, this did not end all slavery in America, only chattel slavery, as the 13th amendment explicity permits penal slavery.


great to know.

not American so I would not know precisely what went down because I am not so vested in the history of the US.

However, I'd say the changes to the Constitution just made everyone a slave. They got rid of the compelled by force part and exchanged it for subterfuge.