Urban legends That Are Actually True

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A Urban legend is a story that's passed down over the years.Most Urban legends are based on myths and have no solid proof of the legend being true.
Sometimes years after the legend has started a event will happen that mimics the legend and after that the legend becomes a real life story
These are the legends that actually came true.

1.The Kidney Thief

We all know the legend that there are gangs that kidnapp people and steal their internal body parts.
These Gangs exist till date in my country India
This is the story of Nazim Mohammed, a labourer from North India
Nazim was waiting in a labour market and man approached him and promised a 3-month job,a painting contract and Nazim accepted the job offer as he was desperate for work.
He was put up in a house for almost 2 weeks his contractor told him that they were waiting for a tender to pass he was well fed and looked after.
One day he was persuaded to take a blood test.
After the injection he found himself in a hospital bed with acute pain in the bottom left side of his torso he discovered that he had been operated and a guard who was there at the hospital confirmed that his kidney was removed.
Nazim was one of the 500 men whose kidney were stolen
These illegal operations were done by Dr. Amit Kumar who was supplying body parts to rich clients

2.The Dead Body Under The Bed

We all know about the legend where a couple checks in their hotel room they experience a foul smell and they ask for a different room but the hotel was fully booked.
The couple starts tearing the room apart and when they pull the matress from the boxspring they find a dead body there. This legend has been around for years until recently a similar incident happened.
In 2010 when police were searching for 28 year old women Sony Melbroke
Her body was found under the matress in a motel She was missing for 2 months her friends confirmed that she was under the bed all the time.
The room was rented 5 times in the 2 months times
Her boyfriend was arrested for her murder and was given a life sentence

3.The Killer In The Back Seat

According to this legend a woman who was driving home notices that the car right behind her is flashing it's light and even rams her car.
He was trying to warn her about a man who was in the back of her car going to attack her.
This story is based on a real life event.
This incident happened in 1965 when a escaped murderer hid in the back seat of a police patrol car the police officer after realizing the dangerous situation he shot the murderer.
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