How to grow 🍄mushrooms at home 🏠?!

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Good time friends
I tried to get out of the house less because of Corona and to entertain myself with useful things.
I started growing button mushrooms at home. And regardless of the weather and humidity, mushrooms can be grown. So if you have a good place to grow your own home, it's a good idea to increase your income right now.
In general, the cultivation of mushrooms is unique, and it can be grown in a dark environment, and it tolerates any amount of light except direct sunlight. In any case, in addition to the well-ventilated air in the mushroom farm, the temperature of the breeding environment should be between 10-15 degrees. In addition, the breeding ground should be perfectly clean, washable, free of seams or places where harmful bacteria, insects and fungi can grow.


Mushroom seeds are different seeds from other plants. In fact, the so-called mushroom seeds are cooked wheat grains. When the fungus matures, the fins behind its cap open and circulate in the air through the fins. These fins are known as spores, which are not visible to the naked eye.
These spores need food to survive, so they cook the wheat to soften it so that the fungal spores can feed on it, and another use for cooking wheat is that the so-called wheat is sterilized and no longer germinates.
I used potting soil to grow mushrooms.
Step by step start planting mushrooms:
👇first day👇
👇 fourth day👇
👇ninth day👇
I look forward to sharing the full growth of mushrooms with you

Mushroom breeding continues .....🍄🍄🍄

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