Crypto and life

in life •  4 months ago

The inalienable part of bitcoin and cryptoids is an opportunity to get out of poverty, because life does not often give such a chance, or rather we often do not see these new opportunities. Therefore, people are so different from each other - some see one thing, others - completely different and this is one of the charms of life, people are different, unique each in its own way and understanding of this gives insightолродрдор.jpg

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Bitcoin means is not to get someone out of poverty.

But really it did shake the "World economic structure" a bit and gave everyone with eyes and mind open to capitalize on their early adoption of cryptocurrencies.

Luckily for many, the "everyone" was really everyone, no matter if you were from US, EU or undeveloped country.

Even poor kids somewhere in slums had the chance to be part of big market. If they took their chances, good for them.