My Shih Tzu is fat?

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No one likes to have their animal criticized. That includes me. Recently, some people who i have known for a long time commented on some photos that my dog is a chunker. They meant nothing mean by it but well, i might be starting to see their point.

What do you think?


This definitely isn't the most flattering angle but it does kind of showcase how she might be perceived to have a small weight problem.

According to most websites and containers of food, Shih Tzu's should be fed between 1/2 cup to 1 cup of food a day. I will admit that I have been erring on the high end of this figure and phase 1 will be to step that back a bit.


As far as exercise is concerned I take her on a 2 km walk or so almost every day unless it is raining. While this doesn't seem like a very long walk we need to keep in mind that her legs are only 6 inches long. Also, it is so hot in Thailand that it seems dangerous to take her on walks that are longer than this.


I suppose I give her too many treats and I do admit that i give her tiny pieces of whatever I am eating pretty much every time i have food. I can't look at that face and not let her have just a little bit.

For the time being, i suppose I could admit that maybe she is a little bit fat and therefore I am going to be cutting back her dog food rations a bit and I guess not give her as many treats.

I'd be interested to know how much you feed your dog, if you have a small one.

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I don't have a dog yet but it's a plan in the near future or as soon as I can. And I am not criticising yours but damn... she's fluffy :D

And very cute to be honest ♡ I am more into bigger one's though favourite being a German Shepherd. Or anything that looks more like a wolf :)

I was a big dog person all my life until I accidentally got a small one. Now I like both. I wish I had some land so I could get more!

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I'd rear four if I had the land. One for every child that I have (we all love dogs and they are three) and mine to get to four... But they would be all mine 🤷💞

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She looks a little bit fat but its a farang dog. In Thailand the street dogs are really thin but your dog have a good master.

Not a small dog, but we have a 65 pound mutt and we feed her about 1 to 1.5 cups of food in the morning and the same in the evening. She occasionally gets bits of our food, but not that often because she has some pretty severe allergies. The food we feed her is high protein and kind of expensive (again due to her allergies). She is very lean but solid muscle. We take her to the vet frequently and they have never raised concerns about her weight. That first picture might just be the angle because in the second one your doggo doesn't look that bad.

after careful consideration I think I am going to opt for more exercise and a slight reduction in treats. Seriously, there's several hundred dollars worth of dog snacks in my house right now and about $8 worth of food for me.

Haha, that is pretty funny!

Very difficult to say no to this lovely doggo! But she’s very fit and firm!! She does more exercises than me any way!
So I should cut Fuentes on my treats and food as well then! She does look better than me ten times!!

She's beautiful the way she is. I understand, it's not easy to say no when those lovely eyes come out. I think it's good weight, but if you want to minimize the portions and that's it. Greetings, friend @gooddream.

I can tell you've got it too spoiled haha!

It's too small for my taste, but you can tell she's a good friend.

I haven't had a pet for a long time, I know it's good. but I don't have much time.

To reduce her food, you must reduce it yourself, it is not good to eat so many sweets. That goes with the two haha!

Noooo!! Your dog is pretty and fine! Looks great and so sweet:) oh, these eyes...;)
You are right - no critics to our pets, they are like kids, and we are ready to kill these offenders at once:))
I have no dog now, I had them in the past, and they always ate much, but I took care about what exactly they ate.
Now I have a rabbit, she is eating nonstop almost, it's their physiology, but she is raw vegan, so she can't be fat:)

IMG_0517 - Copy.JPG

haha, cute rabbit. I had a rabbit when i was in college. It was a strange household: We had a dog, a rabbit, and a cat and they all got along (kinda). The rabbit would poop all over the house and the disgusting dog would eat it. At least the dog kept the place clean!

very cool neighborhood! as a rule, cats don't like to share their territory. they are so selfish;) dogs live for their masters, they are very devoted, that's why I have dogs in my heart. Cats think the world and people spin around them and their needs;)
rabbits...they are just cute and need much love;)

This is animal cruelty

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