Target store locks up tents to deter the homeless from stealing them.

in #life6 years ago

A San Francisco Target store's decision to lock up tents is nothing short of what's wrong with Silicon Valley.

I lived there for almost a decade so, I have some first-hand experience. Although not homeless, I, if I stayed, like so many other middle class Americans there, was on a trajectory of becoming so. In many parts of the nation, real wages are not keeping up with inflation/price of living. But there, the problem is amplified. So bad that, I was forced to bail. But not solely based on this reason alone.

The economic inequality and privilege manifests and embeds a culture there, where attitudes of so many, become too much to deal with. In other words, when you come across at least 5 people you just want to punch in there face because there being assholes on a daily, you know its time to leave. Money aside.

That brings me back to my initial focus. Instead of locking them up, they should be giving them away for free.Shame on you Target. Shame on you.

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