The Foundation Forms Arrive - August 6, 2019 @goldenoakfarm

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Construction - foundation forms arrive crop August 2019.jpg

It was very quiet here this morning. They couldn’t finish the waterline until the phone company repaired the broken line. They couldn’t cover the septic system until the engineer did the “as built” inspection.

The phone company was out by 8:30 and we soon had a phone and internet again. The engineer showed up about the same time and did his inspection.

Around 10:45 this truck showed up, with the forms for the foundation. They won’t start today, just move forms from the job they just finished.

Once the phone company was done, they started backfilling the ditch and spreading topsoil. This was once our best pasture, not much left of it now….

Construction - finishing the waterline crop August 2019.jpg

Late afternoon they started spreading topsoil on the mountain.

Construction - topsoil on mountain crop August 2019.jpg

They didn’t get very far, just that side. I expect they might finish it Wednesday. Hopefully the foundation guys will show up tomorrow and start laying footing forms. The cellar hole is pretty dry now.

My husband just realized the excavator had dug the hole for an 8’ ceiling in the cellar, when the plans called for 7’ 6”. Looks like we will have to pay for extra cement to make the difference.

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