Meaning of Facebook For Me

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To believe in something like Facebook, it has to mean something to me, which means nothing to me.

I think Facebook has become a very dangerous social network because people have turned it. If anything happens, I have lost faith in the ability of people to use this network well.

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Facebook started out as an exclusive service for Ivy League universities, but had the vision of expansion and permission to ensure that everyone in the world became part of it and interacted with anyone in it. This makes it a very attractive network for all the good things that can be done. However, we cannot help with privacy, censorship and the violation of the psychological problems derived from it, but we wonder what is happening about the people who are helping them ruin even the most promising ideas.

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People share more than they should share on Facebook. It has become almost imperative to ensure that everyone knows even the toothpaste they use, so that they can explain it in a pleasant way. And they do this without a guarantee of confidentiality. On the contrary, everything, even if not all of our data will be used by Facebook at its discretion.

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