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*** Names are powerful objects...
even women take up husband's name after marriage...
so did Jesus instruct Adam to name the animals...
That's to show how significant a name is ***


*Do you love your name?, why? and why not?
How many names do you legally have?, why? and where did they emanate from?. *

Edima, Edima, Edima, I kept calling but no response...
I frown at it once I'm addressed by that name, how many times do I have to warn you that my name isn't Edima, my name is Belove she uttered ...
But why?, I asked in dismay; why do you neglect your native name and feel fulfilled to take up another.

Do you know the values, importance, ethics, benefits... name it, that is attached to your name especially when you arrive a strange land?.
This is what you are known for, your tradition and society recognizes you by your name.
Your name is your identity, be proud of it and be clothed in it.
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Words, names and labels are often taken lightly by people and the results are often destructive.
Many people have been hurt, offended inwardly and even destroyed by occasions where they were called insulting names or had their names misused.
Our names is an invaluable treasure and must be held in high esteem.
*The power of a name resides in the power of perception and you shouldn't feel inferior bearing that name because you worth it *

I'm proud of my native name Eno-obong and also hope you are

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Names matters alot

Yeah and must not be overlooked

This is truly a great piece, great work done here. But permit me to digress a bit and say that a good name is better than riches.
Thanks for this wonderful piece once again. Keep the spirit burning.

Thanks so much for the wonderful contribution

The way I love my name eh, it like copied assignment, I can't explain it

Hahahahaha, you need to.... Thanks

Mhen true dear