Japanese Food in Bangkok Today!

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Would you like to see the photos of the Japanese food we just had for dinner in Bangkok because the dishes are beautiful and you might enjoy reading the post?

Japanese Food in Bangkok Today!

We haven't been to a restaurant for a little while and this is a good opportunity for me to share with you a few photos of this Japanese food which is beautifully presented.

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Japanese Food in Bangkok Today!

This evening we decided to have some Japanese food for dinner, so we can recall the good memories we had during our trip in Japan two months ago.

This restaurant is located on the same road we live and from time to time, we go there.

Let's look at what we ordered because it's why you are reading the post, right?

This is grilled meat with a kind of very salty sauce.

Japanese Food in Bangkok Today!

This is crab and that was as good as beautiful.

Japanese Food in Bangkok Today!

Not sure if that is Japanese, but that is rice cooked with garlic, which I like a lot.

Japanese Food in Bangkok Today!

This is a beautiful dish and when we ordered, we didn't know it was going to have so many pieces.

Japanese Food in Bangkok Today!

Someone didn't like the Japanese food!

Japanese Food in Bangkok Today!

I hope that you enjoyed seeing the photos of these Japanese dishes we ate this evening.

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Michel Gerard



I like Japanfood expect for rice but suchi is good!

Thank you @jaklassen for sharing with us you prefer sushi!

I love Chinese food more than any other.
Never tasted Japanese, will have to

Thank you @anishag for your comment.

Hello Michel hope you are fine.I am also did not like japanese burt pics showed it is tasty.

Thank you for commenting!

Nothing wrong with getting a McChicken lol.

Except when you eat it in a Japanese restaurant!

I enjoyed your post so much. I am excited to see your little kids here. I have been expecting to see your dear daughter. What is the name of these Japanese food? How much is the price? What is your daughter eating? What was her reaction after eating this food. What class is she Reading? May you happy in life.

Thank you for your comment and all the questions... If you look at the Category link "Life in Thailand" at the end of the posts there are other posts that answer most of your questions.

wow,the food looks awesome.

That was. Thank you for commenting.

Very delicious photos!

Thank you for commenting @sweettais.

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