PLight of student

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Yes this is what d students staying in the hostel are going through

I know many won't see the need of Dis pictures
Because their children are In privates universities
The non teaching staff went on strike because d are fighting for their right
Yet federal government are not doing anything about it
D library is not functioning again
No where to get textbooks except Wikipedia
Which is not helping d students
Most especially someone like me
Students trying to take their bath

Where is d federal government?
Negotiate with the non-teaching staff
I know it is not affecting you
but it is affecting us and we are tired
No light in school to read at night
No water to bath
We must queue up like dis
At the end some won't even get the water to bath

What is really happening
And exam is at the corner
We are suffering
As students yet we are called
The leaders of tomorrow
When our today is not bright how can I future be bright
It breaks my heart that it is the students that are suffering
What crime have we committed
The fact that we don't have the money to school outside the country
We should not be used as a weapon of war
Please the federal government should negotiate with the non teaching staff

Please share this post till it get to the federal government
We are suffering

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