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Many people want to please others and go out of their way by living a false life.


A guy want to impress a lady and goes about telling his friends to make false claims about him, takes her out to exotic placed beyond what his pocket can carry. Sometimes buys gifts he would never buy for himself. This is good though but be reasonable about it.

I recently got to know of a guy who neglected his sick mother all because he wanted to please a lady. How bad can that be. It was friends that had to talk him into adding his mother to his HMO programme to take care of her health at least. A girl he has not been married to and spends for her family also training two of her younger ones in school. Now she is expecting his child and mama has been begging for attention.

One would think that these things don't happen, but they do in our society.

Sometimes you wonder what goes on in some people's head. Their reasoning faculty. How can a lady get married to a man, gets pregnant. After having the baby she wants to be with another guy without the child. Was she acting a script or what?

The perspective to which certain actions were taken based on their reasoning is becoming alarming in our society.

Strange things are happening every day. Could it be out of frustration or morals don't matter any more.

People just take actions without consideration of the fact that there are consequences. There is also the future.

Well you might not really be able to judge anyone without knowing the full story behind their actions. Not withstanding certain things should not be heard of, still they happen.

This is the world we now live in. People don't seem to care anymore. I guess some just want to be happy and live their lives they way they think is best.

Play your part and be the best version of you without hurting anyone. Tomorrow will either speak for you or against you.


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