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You're watching STEEM-Pop, the classic hits of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

With Valentine's Day looming, we reach into the vault of supercharged melodies to bring you ten songs, all with love in the title.

That's right. For the next hour, we hope to warm your heart and perhaps rekindle those wonderful feelings that led you to your current love, by taking a walk down this musical memory lane.

First, though, we acknowledge that there might be some of you out there who, after an attempt or two at finding love, are still unsure of just what it is. We want you to know that we've been there, and to take heart. Nothing worthwhile comes easy.

It might take someone showing you, but you might have to ask. Like Foreigner did in their No. 1 chart topper, I Want To Know What Love Is.

Foreigner—I Want To Know What Love Is

See. There is hope. But we can see where you might be a little confused and still need some encouragement.

Sometimes it's easier to know what something is by seeing what it isn't. We believe nothing demonstrates how not to go about love better than scenes from A Night at the Roxbury, starring Will Ferrell and Chris Kattan, who play the oblivious and clueless brothers, Steve and Doug Butabi.

The song, of course, is What Is Love, by Haddaway.

Haddaway—What Is Love

For those of you still trying to find love, we say, keep looking. You'll find it, eventually.

The countdown of songs with love in the title continues, this time, reaching out to those who have found love, but still find themselves lost. Lost in love, that is. Here to explain it, Air Supply, with their No. 3 hit from May of 1980.

Air Supply—Lost In Love

We realize it can be tough to find love in this day and age, let alone keep it. You can find it, lose it, find it again, just to have it slip through your fingers. It can be maddening at times.

Especially if that search for love becomes an addiction, an all consuming need for affection. If you're currently in this kind of love situation, don't despair. The first step to taking your life back is acknowledging the problem. In other words, You might as well face it, you're addicted to love.

We think Robert Palmer says it, or rather, sings it better than we can. Here he is with his band of eerily matching models with, Addicted To Love.

Robert Palmer—Addicted To Love

Next on the list of songs with love in the title, we take a detour down south, where love isn't an abstract concept for only a lucky few, but a destination meant for all. If you can get inside, that is.

Katie Pierson and Cindy Wilson belt it out, with Fred Schneider adding in his two cents. It's the B-52s and Love Shack.

The B-52s—Love Shack

We hope you were able to have a little fun there, moving and a-groovin.'

As much fun as love can be, we are reminded, thanks to R.E.M., that love can also be a more serious matter. Love can be a flame, but it can also be a raging fire, one not to be toyed or trifled with. Heartache and heartbreak can come quickly if love is left unattended, or left behind.

R.E.M.—The One I Love

We hope you've been enjoying this musical salute to love. We've been working our way through ten songs with love in the title.

With our next ditty, we get a little more upbeat with everyone's favorite lads from Liverpool—John, Paul, George and Ringo—who remind us that while money can buy you a good time, it can't buy you love. Not the kind of love that endures, anyway.

The Beatles—Can't Buy Me Love

Love can be such sweet sorrow when apart, but together, it can be like the dawn, the radiant beams of sunshine through a glass pane, a tender, intimate union, forever captured in a moment of perpetual bliss.

There might be more to it than that, but that's what we care to envision when we hear master vocalist and guitarist, Eric Clapton, along with the rest of his Cream bandmates, describe what being in love is like.

Cream—Sunshine Of Your Love

Love is meant to be romantic, light, enduring. It might take time to get there, but sometimes it just comes naturally. It happens, when you least expect it. And of course, having the King of Rock n' Roll around to aid things along with his southern charm and untouchable vocals doesn't hurt a bit.

We here at STEEM-Pop believe no list of songs with love in the title would be complete without at least one of his platinum hits. From the movie Blue Hawaii, here's the one and only Elvis Presley with Can't Help Falling In Love.

Elvis Presley—Can't Help Falling In Love

We're nearing the end of our musical foray into love, but there's one last concept regarding love we'd like to explore. That's the idea that love is unpredictable. It happens in its own time and place, often without rhyme or reason.

It can be as destined and obvious to everyone else as the fat freckle on the face of the girl next door, or it can come out of nowhere to slap you upside the head. Either way, you might be the last to see it coming.

In other words, love can bring a little bit of insanity or chaos to an otherwise ordered life. We suggest you listen to how Freddie Mercury and Queen describe it, then proceed with caution.

Queen—Crazy Little Thing Called Love

And with that, we conclude this special STEEM-Pop Valentine's segment of songs with love in the title. We hope that regardless of where you are in life's love continuum, you will find joy in your heart, peace in your mind, and the guidance of a gentle soul to get you through this mortal journey.

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