The trials and the triumphs after two weeks of puppy parenting.

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We have 2 kids.

They are 14 and 4.

We thought it would put us in OK steed for puppy raising.


Yes we have quite a gap between them. Many people told us we were crazy to start over just as the first was hitting double digits, but they absolutely adore each other.

We have done many blundering things over the years, but having our second child was not one of them. A surprise perhaps but certainly no accident.

I much prefer

A gift from the gods.

Siblinghood has been an absolute gift to his adoring sister, who as it happened named him too.

Days after a Caesar I was still dosed up and didn't trust myself to name someone for life.

Hospital phobic dad was in a state of shock and dizzy, probably ever since the surprising news reveal then right up until he was half willingly scrubbed into theatres for the breezy procedure, and placed in charge of a baby while I was wheeled off to recovery.

Our almost 10 yr old seemed like the most sensible individual in the family at the time.

We couldn't agree between Django and Wolfie and in utero he was known as Larry. He is happy to have ended up with an entirely different name.

When we learned of our expectant bundle we were looking to move to a house and had promised her a pet. A cat or dog called Larry.

Many conversational references in our home are derived from quotes from television shows or 90s movies.

Although she desired nothing more than a Labrador puppy, that week we had been actively referencing the cat from the show modern family.

In the show, upon hearing the news that she is not getting an adopted brother as planned, Lily off handedly without missing a beat, asks for a cat called Larry instead.

Photo credit: Larry the cat public figure, facebook profile.

As we were renting in a city in which tenants have little rights, we sat down our child to tell her she wasn't getting a Larry, but rather a brother or sister. We then proceeded to reference the growing bump as Larry.

Rental agreements seldom allow for pets in Sydney. Ours didn't, and we needed to rethink any our move as it relied on 2 wages, and Australia also lags behind many developed nations with regards to maternity leave pay.

Our baby is now 4 and a half and big girl 14.

Before Christmas we finally moved into our first house! Yay!

Her dream of owning a puppy has been realised.

We were expecting a bundle of love.


Which we most definitely received

But we were also hit by a cyclone of poop and sleepless nights and poop and ankle biting and poop and crazy.


She hit the house and took over in the first week.

In the second week we went back to basics and have embraced the crate.



But I know that Billy is going to heal us.


We have moved house to hopefully begin a chapter of improved well-being, health, stability and hope.

A better normal within our circumstances.



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Yes to the crate!!! Our dog(s) love theirs and go in on their own if they want to rest.
And puppies are little destroyers- more than toddlers 😂 They have better teeth and can jump higher.

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Aww so cute! I clearly remember our poppy was the worst sock-toe biter ever! Ouch it hurt lol.

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Hey jon. ☺
Blogon brother

Hi M 😊

Beautiful pup and blessings to you and your family xoxo. Blogon :]

:) love all of this :) and that she named the baby :D and your pooch child is adorable :)

LOL puppies will mess indoors with poop, I think they should be kept outside though @girlbeforemirror
Best regards to your health Ma'am.

There is a big scary brush tail possum outside, those things are ferocious. My baby wouldn't stand a chance. She would be frightened.
I grew up with a dog who was an outside dog, i understand the logic, but I have been 20 yrs with my husband who's family always had their dog inside as a fully fledged member of the family, I am a convert I'm afraid. I could not put her outside I wouldn't sleep. She is a baby and a poo factory , and I am her poop scooping slave.