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I’m not usually the party pooper around here, and maybe I am just a skeptic from being a bit burned out writing here. That said…

…I don’t really think the creativecoin tribe is going to help all creatives, specifically writers, that much. You think creativecoin, you think music and art. We need our own niche, or even better, a nonfiction niche. Maybe there is something out there I don’t know about?

I have been bumbling along here for almost a year and a half. I get a curie about every three weeks. I also get hit by whatever those curation things are that bump my post fairly often. I don’t mean to sound unappreciative and those factors have helped me hang on, but it doesn’t mean that more than a handful of people actually read my post, and to a writer that is the most important thing. My time spent networking has improved my feed, but not my blog much.

I got a little frustrated, so I created a site where I do my thing writing about life, but focusing on a local level. Facebook has several groups that are all about my hometown. One with 48,000 members. If I drop a link there to my site, I get a minimum of 100 views. If they bothered to actually click the link, I assume a large percentage at least skimmed the post. That feels like not bumbling along. Facebook has an effective niche. For someone more interested in the eyes than the coins, that is pretty appealing.

Those folks that disappeared hopefully didn’t quit what they do, hopefully they just found a greener pasture.

So go ahead then, tell me I am wrong. There are some people here that I really like, so I’m not going to disappear. But unless these tribes can compete with numbers I get elsewhere, I don’t have a strong motivation to write here. There must be a lot in the same boat here, but maybe we are the fluff that needs to leave. I suppose time will tell.

Didn’t mean to make this all about me, but here is the perspective of your standard visibility complainer/skeptic.


Much like Steemit, it's really up to the members of these tribes to make decisions that lead to the success of the tribes.

If people don't want to curate content, life will be difficult. I've explained countless times why eyes are important, but more and more folks on Steemit chose to delegate their SP and get paid to look away. There needed to be a balance in order to sustain the community. The community is the most valuable asset to this blockchain. The members are shooting themselves in the foot. I promised myself I'd be finished talking about this stuff though. They need to see the damage and end results before they'll believe you and by then it's too late.

So with this tribe, I think there about about 800 accounts with staked tokens. It's only about three weeks old. It'll take some building before it can compete with a Facebook group with 48000. It'll take some builders for that.

I don't blame people for leaving after what they had to deal with for two years on Steemit. I took a break as well.

There was some confusion about creative writing being included in the creative coin thing. So, as someone who just felt like building today, I decided to clear some of that up.

Right now, this early in the game, the moment you start breaking up these tribes into even smaller groups is the moment if falls apart.

I've written about it plenty of times. Steemit has a shortage of content consumers. So this tribe will have more creators than consumers. The creators will have to play both roles. A smaller tribe focused on less will again have less consumers. Since it's early in the game though with these tribes, and since curators get paid more, I'd assume, in time, there would be a healthy balance of creators and consumers. Without a proof of concept though, you can't have folks interested in consuming.

Plenty of creators out there. Not many willing to take on the business side of things. Eyes and money should just come automatically, but you gotta start somewhere.

Maybe I'm just grouchy because I am sick, and time management is on center stage with having to drag my body through life's responsibilities. Maybe the best solution for me is to scale back writing here for a bit, build up that other place, and in the meantime be sure to get on creativecoin and vote every day regardless. Hopefully down the road there will be a specific home for writers.

Sorry to drag all that out of you again.

I talked to a writer that is fairly new here the other day, and she thanked me for being the only one out of 15 votes to have actually read it. She said something to the effect of "even if just one person reads it, it is worth it." That used to be my philosophy, and probably is for most creative people starting out. But confidence does build, and that philosophy does not work anymore. Wow, listen to that, I am so grouchy :)

No. If you want to get somewhere, you can't settle with remaining at the bottom and thinking that's okay. Sure, it feels good to get the ball rolling but you're doing it wrong if you're not hungry for more.

I noticed my world here was starting to stagnate, after working for a long time. It should be consistent growth and I realized things beyond my control were holding me back. Yelling at the clouds all day wouldn't solve it and I know that because I tried.

So now, instead of publishing my work in ONE spot, it's now sitting in four places. And of course I'm seeing consistent growth again. Guess what though! It's not enough.

Hopefully down the road there will be a specific home for writers.

And when that happens I'll have my work showing up there as well.

I'm a magazine, these 'tribes' or platforms, those are the magazine racks. If I only exist in one tiny gas station on the outskirts of town called Steemit, then I can't expect to be read much. Look at that bright cover up there. The wording is all wrong. Ever notice how shiny things catch your eye? Ever notice how easy it is to catch a typo? That kind of thing probably wouldn't work anywhere else other than a place where your success depends on standing out from the crowd. Many people want to blend in. I don't.

If I gained traction elsewhere, I'd have my work here, and there. Steemit: It's just a publishing tool. I drop my links everywhere else I can to get more outside views coming in. I know those eyes can't pay me, but maybe they will sign up someday and drop a few votes my way. I lose nothing for trying.

Why you gotta make me ramble?

I link back to my blog here frequently as well. I have a once a month gig I write for, and one of those little SEO pegs is having outbound links anyway, so might as well link here.

You do have the advantage of appealing to multiple crowds with art, writing, politics here, etc. You certainly have a lot of magazine cover options.

I've got a lofty goal of getting some local attention and seeing what doors can open up, so I have to prioritize appropriately, but I will still be around. After a year and a half here, it is a tricky habit to break.

Oh, a good ramble - get it all out. You know you like it ;)
Only a woman can get away with using that phrase and not sound creepy...

Yeah, it's difficult to leave this place, for some. Even some of the people who hate it stick around for years just so they can tell everyone how much they hate being here. That's always funny.

Just do what you need to do. A lot of the folks I see who pay attention to your work will most likely be around when you're around. I've been through a lull here before; these quiet times. Usually all that remains are the good folks who give a shit. Then things pick up, and hopefully this time around everyone learned their lesson and the charlatans won't have a chance to ruin the place, again. I love rubbing that in.

I have other things in life that I do. I'm really good at not sleeping. If this entity ever has to stop, here, it won't be the end of the world for me. I spent years creating value. Hundreds of image files, ready for the printer and distribution. Something for everyone. Figured out a way to get paid for production time. I don't really want to go back to the old ways. I enjoy busking on the streets of this blockchain. Gathered a lot of these tokens. I won't need to depend on my blog to make money, once all those smart people pull their heads out of their asses and begin to find ways to turn this economy around. I've offered my assistance there as well, trying to show people the value in the paying content consumer. And that's another reason why I write a post talking about how I prefer the online magazine style article over the amateur social media shit post style. I see something big here. Others can only see their little blogs and a few pennies. I'm rambling.

Yes, balance. We need to have something to show for our efforts here that function in the outside world. Being about 80 in my mind, I just hate social media universally. The only things I like about this place are the writings that are real writing.

The lack of sleep though, that is rough. I can't do that longterm anymore. I spiral downward after a couple days...but I am 80 after all.

One blurry snap shot from a phone and no words is something most children can post these days. If I see plenty of interesting images, or even just one that captures something brilliant, along with words in the form of actual writing instead of sentence full of emojis and typos, then I know that individual could probably get paid independently or as a salary, and I'll want to vote. Photographers make decent money, same with writers. It's a good, valuable, combo.

With digital art, I get all the freedom in the world here, but in the outside world it can be a job that pays $30 to $50 an hour, on average. Those painting on canvas can easily sell their work. Can't sell a Facebook post.

I recently came across an art post. On the outside I could see an interesting sketch, so I clicked. "Here's what I made." Then three small images, no other words, then many links for donations and other things. I need personality to go along with the art. If you ever go to a convention, you'll see someone surrounded in their artwork, sitting on a chair, head buried in their phone, not even making eye contact with passersby. They usually end up packing most of the what they brought to show back in the vehicle and taking it home. They often think, nobody likes my work. They do nothing to market it though. Think of how many recordings people buy simply because the music comes from an individual they like. That's the game right there and a lot of these artists aren't playing it. I understand some just want to be hobbyists, but they need to know most hobbies cost money and don't pay.

You do a fine a job. Your posts are like pages in a magazine. The writing is solid and the images help tell the story plus many have been quite artsy. I can see a publisher being interested in something like that or if you're looking for a job, you'd be able to use that work to prove yourself, so of course that's valuable.

There was a magazine I used to read years ago. I can't remember the damn name, but there were articles with artwork and humor. The next page would be a short story. Then maybe four pages of comics. Some of my inspiration comes from that. Trying my hand at something I know worked well for others, with my own spin. And like I had said, I can sell the art, I can also publish the words and sell the paper. Around here I'm also trying my hardest to keep eyes on the site. Responding to as many as I can, keeping people interested. Trying to work towards this blog being part of the reason they keep coming back to the site. I don't earn much for all the extra effort when I compare it to some who seem to automatically earn way more, and nobody is even looking at their work. They post, collect, and not even available to respond. Their behavior is selfish most days and contributes to the morale being low around here when actual talent who would be more than happy to embrace their consumers and go the extra mile get ignored. That's not good for business and they should know better but they can't seem to see past the dollar bill being dangled in front of their face. Many of them earn automatically for posts that would never sell or look good inside of a magazine as well. They feel overvalued and then assume anyone earning less than they are is overvalued. More rambles.

I find artistic value in my son's blurry pictures...but that's because I love him. Those blurry pictures posts though, they are definitely not as good as my son's. There is that importance of personality. Here, and in real life. Personality here or charisma in real life takes you places, for sure.

Thanks for the kind words. I am definitely trying to exercise the writing muscles, and now that I feel a little toned, I'm building a body of work.

You have an adventurous spirit it seems, always into something different. You do an excellent job of keeping on top of everything, and I don't know how you do it. I suppose there is the lack of sleep. I think you are a big reason why a lot of your steemit frustrated followers come back. I have seen that said so many times in comments, how people stop in to check and see what you are up to. Never having had much of an internet life before, it is very strange to me that we develop friendships here. When I am gone for a bit and then return my first thought is usually I wonder what noname is up to...

Speaking of lack of sleep, it is 1AM here. I just stayed up way too late writing something for somewhere else, but decided it was too inflammatory, so I put it on my blog here instead - my place of free speech. So I've been spinning my wheels, and now I'm ridiculously tired.

Now you are starting to get me rambling. It is apparently contagious.