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What if you had no electricity: Imagine there was no electricity anywhere in the world from right this moment. What would your life look like, how would you handle it and what negatives, problems, or benefits, do you think you’d encounter? Would it be good or bad?

If there was no electricity, there would be no light, no electric fans, no air conditioners, no heaters, no televisions, no printing presses... virtually no ebooks, no magazines, no newspapers etc. Cooking won't be that easy too because kitchen appliances that make cooking quicker make use of electricity.

Most industries are heavily dependent on electricity. In the absence of electricity, there will be total chaos. Lack of electricity will make people miserable. Job opportunities would be affected. A lot of enterprises depend on job opportunities to exist. Education will also lag.

Buying and storing food in bulk is not an option. Any food that is not eaten right away goes to waste. Improper storage of food will cause diseases such as diarrhoea. The mortality rate of the world would increase. People use electricity for heating, cooling and operating appliances, computers, machinery etc.
People will be bored without electricity. I know I would be bored.

There won't be music too. We would have to rely on olden days' instruments. There'll be no clean water also. No cell phones too so we are back to the dark ages. Cars will no longer work either since they require batteries and spark plugs. Horses, wagons and carriages would be popular again with a lot of people back to using leg-wagon. No cash machines, no elevators, no petrol pumps.

Personally, I'll die of boredom because I'm an indoor person and I'm always glued to my phone, TV and other things that electricity can offer. No more movies to keep me busy, I won't be able to read ebooks or even cook certain meals and these are things I love doing. I'll be miserable. No two ways about it.

Online classes would not exist anymore. A lot of people will become broke basically because there are so many who earn a fortune by the things electricity provides. A lot of people would say what about solar energy? How then do you produce it without electricity? Let's say you do, what happens during rainy seasons when people couldn't charge up the things they needed? We are back to where we started.

I think the benefits should be the fact that pollution and acid rain won't exist and you won't have to pay electricity bills. Better ambience I guess, especially with the use of scented candles. The world would be eco-friendly in the sense that there won't be pollution, global climate change and environmental issues.

There would be fewer distractions too. You get to create enough time for yourself and your loved ones and start to appreciate the simple things of life.


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