Food For Thought!

in #life2 years ago


You might be broken and battered but that is not all there is to you. Life has its way of trying to humble us. A broken mirror reflects better, so be hopeful in your broken state because it is an avenue for you to reach out to more people and they would be willing to learn off you.

Life might have pressed you sore and drive you close to the breaking point. You might wonder why things are not changing as fast as you wanted them to or why you feel like life is targeting you so much and setting you up for failure. The truth is, those that life has done over and over again are the ones that end up saving it.

There is a lesson that life is trying to teach you and until you learn it, you can not advance to the next stage. It is like you are writing an exam. If you don't pass the exam, you can't move to the next class or level.

Life is teaching you to be more kind when no one shows you kindness. Life is telling you to give more, if no one ever gave to you. Life is telling you to be more considerate anytime considerations doesn't come your way. Life is teaching you to love even when it looked like no one genuinely loves you. It is what we lack the most that we are expected to give the most, when that opportunity comes up and trust me, the opportunity will always come up.

Don't become those who hurt you. Life is teaching you to rise above it, show others how it is done, set the pace and be better. See things with hope rather than to be down with how your emotion is dealing with you. Stay above it.

Have a great day.