What is our life? A kaleidoscope of events and images

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Probably because of my age I often think about his life. What have you lived for more than fifty years? What goals have been achieved? And were these goals?
Our life is like a kaleidoscope that constantly changes our pictures. And he makes us think about the passing time, which is no longer return. Every person in life has something valuable that makes you think about your purpose in this life.

Friendship, constant work, music and creativity - this is what in our lives, which makes it really interesting and rich. Although for each person, there are their secret and personal riddles about time that we try throughout his life, at least not to unravel, but a little closer to their solution.

But different people value only that for another is completely irrelevant. You did not wonder that some people, having all the values that are not in all, are not always happy, even if there are certain funds for these benefits.

But do not think that in order to become happy or successful, you just need to read the banal manual with its rules, as you will become happier and richer than everyone else!

In life, there are some criteria that are valued much more than friendship or friendship. This, above all, is our relationship, which has long been established in our soul. And the richer the values we have, the wider and richer the soul is in us.

If, for example, a person is interested in creativity or music, he will certainly devote his time to the theater. And if your soul wants to touch the high sources of culture, any incident will be for you a godsend for an interesting event.

In addition to creativity in our lives play a huge role and relationships between each other. Friendship is a concept that is based only on trusting relationships, how people can maintain and build relationships with each other. The same applies to the support that will eventually become an essential part of our lives.

And it depends on you how you can treat each other, how to communicate, how to make friends or build relationships. And maybe you can push your plans for a while and take care of the person who, first of all, needs it. And tell it with full responsibility: the most important thing is you!

After all, finding the next closest person, which will understand and support, it is very important to us. Going through life with someone by the hand much easier to live your life in pleasure and in pleasure you and someone close.

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