The first people's Commissars of Soviet power. Rise and fall

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October will come again soon. This month I remember the revolution called the great October revolution. A group of enthusiasts took advantage of the situation and seized power in Russia.
Today there are many versions of how they did it, but I wanted to write not about it.
There is a photo of the first people's Commissars.

These were the people who received the power that fell out of the hands of the provisional government. They probably thought they were lucky. Considered themselves great minds managed to catch the bird of fortune by the tail, but their fate is mostly tragic.

Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov-Lenin - died in 1924.
There are conspiracy theories about poisoning and syphilis.

Alexey Ivanovich Rykov - the next 20 years held high positions in the USSR. He was arrested on March 13, 1938. He pleaded guilty. He was shot on March 15, 1938.

Vladimir p. Milyutin - for 20 years he also worked in high positions. He was arrested on July 26, 1936 in the case of counter-revolutionary "right" activities. On October 30, 1937 he was shot.

Alexander Gavrilovich Shlyapnikov - often criticized Lenin and party politics. In 1927 he created a group of "working opposition". He was arrested on September 2, 1936. September 2, 1936-shot.

Vladimir Antonov-Ovseenko -. In 1923 he sharply criticized Stalin and supported Trotsky. He was arrested on October 12, 1937. On 8 February 1938, his wife was shot and he himself was shot on 10 February 1938.

Nikolai Krylenko - Arrested on January 31, 1938 on charges of ties with Bukharin. He was shot on July 26, 1938.

Pavel Efimovich Dybenko - further promoted to high military posts. He was arrested on February 26, 1938. He was shot on July 26, 1938.

Viktor Pavlovich Nogin - died may 22, 1924.

Anatoly Lunacharsky - Died in December 1933 from angina pectoris.

Ivan Ivanovich Skvortsov-Stepanov - died 8 October 1928 from abdominal typhus.

Lev Davidovich Trotsky (Leiba Davidovich Bronstein) - was a fierce opponent of Stalin's policy. Killed by an ice pick in Mexico on August 21, 1940.

Nikoly p. Glebov-Avilov - further held senior positions. He was arrested on September 19, 1936. He was shot on March 13, 1937.

Ivan Adolfovich Teodorovich - held positions in the people's Commissariat of agriculture, was an editor and writer. Arrested on 11 June 1937. September 20, 1937 shot.

Georgy Ippolitovich Oppokov (A. Lomov) - until 1937 he worked in high positions. Arrested in June 1937. He was shot on December 30, 1938.

I will not write about Stalin. His fate known.

So there was life, and confident that it is their right and they will be victorious. Basically, they were the victims of the flywheel, untwisted by themselves.
Often the desire for power often destroys those who receive it, because power implies a serious responsibility and sometimes have to answer their lives.

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