Sleeping on the job. Tribute to fashion or necessity?

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Recently the development of team spirit and devotion of the company is gaining more and more popularity. Work in this area includes a wide range of activities both within and outside the organization.
For example, conducting trainings, offsite competitions, training and other things. Listed a greater impact on horizontal collaboration "worker-worker". What activities, in addition to premium incentives, help to deepen communication in the vertical plane "employee-company"?

Large corporations are introducing a new "bonus" in the form of sleep in the workplace during the day. Given the fact that multinational companies operate in dozens of countries, the innovation has spread quite quickly. Although the idea is not new. The concept of the Spanish Siesta is known to every schoolboy. But still a dream at work-it's not quite an afternoon rest. In the offices of large companies are equipped with special places of rest, where the employee can take a NAP at any time. The only limitation is time. Studies have shown that effective are the first thirty minutes of superficial sleep. Next comes the second phase of sleep, and the man, interrupting her, can get the opposite effect. At the same time, the question of the sleep time controller, or "alarm clock", remains open.

For what purpose the employer decides on the possibility of sleep at work, it is difficult to say. First, it may be the employer's desire to stand out and show that the company keeps pace with the times. And it will be noticed, for sure, not only employees of competitors, but also customers. Therefore, it is possible the following goal: "Let the client think that our product is also instantly responds to new challenges, as well as approaches to personnel management." Of course, it has the right to exist and the goal is to improve the efficiency of the staff.
So, once again thinking about the possibilities of increasing the productivity of their employees, try to allow them to sleep during working hours. Will it work or not, is not known, but it is the ensure clear.

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