Rowing machine.

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Recently wrote about what she added to the Boxing sessions. So here. The coach advised me to practice on a rowing machine for five minutes before starting the class. At the same time, he said, what are the benefits of these exercises. Decided to to share with you new knowledge.

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If you want to get your body in shape or improve your cardiovascular system, then rowing simulator is what you need.
Two of the most popular exercise machines in the gym – treadmill and rowing machine. Each of them performs its functions. While the treadmill focuses on endurance and cardiovascular training, the rowing machine is effective for strengthening the muscles of the arms, legs, back and, of course, it also plays a major role in cardio.

Since it concentrates on important muscle groups, its performance is much higher than that of a treadmill. This trainer mimics the movements during rowing. Strength and speed training is selected based on the physical condition of the person and his expectations.
If Finance and living space allows you to install this simulator at home, I advise you to buy it. However, buying such a simulator for home use, you need to take into account its size. Some of them are bulky and heavy. If there is little space in your home, give preference to compact options that can be stored in a closet or under the bed. Do not be afraid that a small simulator will be less effective, it is not.

When you go in search of a suitable rowing machine for sports, you will see that there are several basic types that vary in quality, size, noise and cost. All of them are effective and well train your body.

I'm thinking about buying a rowing machine and taking it to the garden. And at the same time to hang a pear there. After all, there is nothing more useful than sports training in the fresh air. And training to continue to be sure, the Vedas, the task to lose weight up to 80 kilograms has not been canceled.)

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