Europeans from Switzerland visited Rostov.

in #life4 years ago (edited)

I could not pass by event related to the world Cup. It is connected with the match Brazil-Switzerland. And it's not even the sensational result of this match. It's about the behavior of fans from Switzerland.

You can talk about free Europe as you like. Talk about tolerance. To convince me that there is a centuries-old European civilization, the culture of which is the standard for us, savages from Russia. But looking at the video, the question is: should we look up to these people who have decided to do mass urination? And in front of passing girls. Is it a great European culture?

I will not say that in Russia there are no such, defecate in public areas or along the roads. But that would be so massively I have never seen.
I often have to read about some Russian propaganda that denigrates the inhabitants of Europe. Claims about them all sorts of stories. But here the inhabitants of the civilized world show how to behave in another country.
Moreover, there has been no shortage of toilets at mass events in my country recently. But the Europeans ignored them. Apparently they are not allowed to go to the closed cabins because of the feeling of freedom and tolerance.
Looking at this I somehow do not want to consider myself a European. I'd rather stay a wild Asian who's shy of peeing in public in front of passers-by. I'm so well-mannered and I can not be remade. Apparently so, and die, unable to achieve such Europeanness.)

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