Dyatlov group. The Levitation Of Thibaut-Brignol

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I have often been reproached that I do not consider the version of the death of Dyatlov's group because of the levitation. That is, they had the ability to fly and at one point lost it, fell and crashed.

Proof of this is an old photo of Nicholas Thibault-brignol in which he soars against the mountains.

Indeed, this photo makes you think. We clearly see a person in flight. Program "Photoshop" at the time was not for a banal reason. There were no computers. At least not for ordinary students.

Of course, the photomontage existed. It was first used in the nineteenth century.

But this photo shows no obvious signs of manipulation.

By the way, in passing explain why Thibault – Brignoles. Because a hat with a feather was the hallmark of this guy. He was the son of a Frenchman and apparently constantly emphasized his belonging to France. I think the hat with the feather is an allusion to the Musketeers. Although this is only a guess.

Back to the photo.

Maybe Nikolai still had the ability to fly? To levitation? No, he didn't have that ability. And it is easy to understand with a minimum of effort.

Simply search the Internet for photos of these mountains from the same angle. And they are!

Here is such a photo where the photo with Thibaut – Brignol is already inserted.

You can clearly see the matches. It seems that the photo was taken from almost the same place.

Now let's see it in full.

And here we will see at once that Nikolay "soars" not over mountains. In fact, it is located above a section of the shore of some body of water. And, in all likelihood, bounced off the stone. Most likely before it ran up for a higher jump.

What was it done for? Of course, in order to then show how he flies over the mountains on a par with the eagles.

It is clear that at that time no one would have thought that Nicholas could really fly. Staged photographs were from the very first appearance of the opportunity to capture themselves for history. And sixty years ago, the Soviet people were no exception in this regard. For example, there is a picture of the search engine as if warming his hands over Otorten.

A little naive and banal, but how does it differ from today's photos of people holding the tower of Pisa? Or holding the sun in their hands?

Summarizing, it is possible to state that proofs of abilities of Dyatlov's group are insolvent.

If you want to get even more information on the case of the death of the Dyatlov group, then I advise you to look at my YouTube channel Исторический Любитель.

You will get answers to many questions concerning this tragedy there.

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