Life is a Victory

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Every morning I am Thankful & Grateful.

If I want to achieve my goals, my plans I need to be full of excitement full of envy and willingness.

The biggest advantage that I have today is I am not in rush not in hurry, I can organize my day to follow my way.

Yes, we have all our own challenges, problems but also we have our own solutions to find the best way to solve and find peace.

Many years I was in the dark and nobody tried to explain me about simple things that life could bring and change a person. We are not born to suffer and to endure struggles.

The victory can come if we really want to change and decide to build a positive future with commitment. The real perception of life is to understand our “why” and create our journey.

During my school years, I learned about Geography, History, Literature, and Science all about theories but never about life and the values. I never learned how to build my future and the ways to choose the best direction.

What makes life better for some and worse for others? Why some people are positive and others are negatives? Negativity destroys slowly and surely, it is the pest of our lives.

Today everything is different, communication is the king and the world became smaller, accessible to billions in a second. We can have all the tools, information to learn and move forward.

The real purpose of our lives is to understand our condition and adapt to this new era. There is no other choice the progress of new technologies is changing our own habits and way of life.

By staying positive with a positive knowledge we can move forward without fear and build step by step the foundation of our future.

The stability of a person is to keep good relation with family, friends to achieve a peaceful mindset and find love and happiness.

At first, it is very important to understand that life for every person on this earth without exception starts by loving him or herself. Simple, if you don’t love yourself you cannot love life, you cannot love a person, you cannot see the beauty around and discover the truth.

We are facing in our daily lives storms, earthquakes, heavy rain, landslides; snow at the end life continues and never stops.

Yes, everything is important, health, money, family, friends, neighbors, nature ,environment, institutions, politics, and economics.

The real issue is how we see, feel and accept the world.

Life is a permenant victory.

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