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Just try to picture a flying bird, (in your mind of course) then wait for five (5) minutes, and then take another picture of the bird, what’s going to happen? You probably not going to get the second picture, this is because there bird would have moved on in the short time. This bird is simply just moving. Almost everything else on this planet earth is moving too -- , waterfalls fall, the wind blows, rivers flow and sharks swim even up to fifty (50) miles per day, and the Sloth even moves with a speed of about. 003 miles per hour,

Its quite simple -- Motion.

At the start of a new month, take a picture (maybe a snapshot) of your life, specifically your relationships, your health, your finances and then your progress on goals, basically everything. Penn it all down in detail and take this for point A. Then by the end of the month, do exactly the same thing and take this for point B.

If you do this, then what you would hopefully see is the magic of moving from point A to B. If the picture of your life is practically just the same as the picture you took at the start of the month, then you really aren't doing much! Once you are not a step (or let's say seven steps) closer to your dreams, then you are very well on a pace to NEVER see them I'm reality. It's a hard truth when it comes to accepting but then lets try to sink it in. If you are not making progress on a daily, weely, monthly, or yearly -- then you are on course to get yourself dissapointed. The only way you would be able to achieve your dreams is if you MOVE towards them in the present (not “someday”).

Do you feel afraid you would miss out on a better life? Is your point A and B look eerily similar?
Then do this.

Jump Into A New Current Flow


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A current flow is a way of living, so to jump into a new current flow is to try out something you haven’t tried out before. Imagine you were at a buffet, you coukd decide which of the currents flows to swim with (and the ones you'd swim against).

On one hand, someone who's an active thinker would recognize a foreign current flow which goes against his values and swim towards a new one. On the other hand, another person with a go with the flow mentality just dives right it. There is a very strong risk of living the life of someone's else and being miserable for it. The moment you are able to figure out where you want to go, then you might be so entrenched in this current that you can’t see changing, and won’t, this is basically because it would be uncomfortable. DO IT NOW - if it makes you feel uncomfortable. People who are uncomfortable are the ones who jump in and out of currents, in the search for for the one they like. In this process, the get to learn learn faster and gain more valuable experiences which enhance their skills and help them in deciding what they really want to do more of.

If you keep on doing what you have always done, it’s will get way too cushy. Nothing quite remarkable would happen. Take a step outside of the lines you drew some years ago, and you would find it very uncomfortable and absolutely invigorating. But once you have being able to master this, go beyond the lines which mankind itself has drawn.

Inventing teleportation isn't what am asking you to do but then if you do, link back to this post. .

Monthly? I think some months can make you feel like you moving backwards but probably a 3months interval... That should serve.

I refuse to be motionless 😍😍😍

Yeah.. I can relate to that feeling dear @annieben -- I call it life

Your illustrative power is awesome. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you @desmonddesk
Your words are kind

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