Dont Hit That Female

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The day I understood how strong women were - even more than men - despite their softness was when I'd eaten to my fill and had the food climbing up my gullet with no space to slide through back into my stomach. My homies and I had been done with a long orgy with Lady MJ in a bush, until we were spent and only food on our minds. So we'd proceeded to contribute and cook inside of that bush, surrounded by nothing but tall trees and underlying grass. You guessed right, we rushed through the food in few minutes, using the back casings of our phones as spoons. Who hygiene help for emergency?

I would end up lying flat on the ground with my protruded tummy towering into the air, writhing like some pregnant goat forced on her back. Damn that day! I couldn't even walk around in my state of misery 'cause of the food in my tummy I wasn't destined to carry more than hours anyway; fuck it I had cramps too! Folks my tummy was so hard it would have passed for a large clay pot. How women do the carrying for at least five months straight when the babies must have gotten heavier is where I duff my hat for them!

You see that woman that seems all soft and feeble, she's strength you'd never believe 'cept she let's you into her world. D'you know while you're snoring in 'sleepgasm' she struggles to even sleep with the cramps and all of those inconveniences sometimes when her period shows up? How about the soreness after long sex and having to bear the consequence of love you both made for nine restless months, d'you know how that leaves her feeling mosttimes? How about sleeping late after some late fucking and waking up early to fix meals while we're snoring away?

           - - - - - - - - - - 

That same afternoon I met a lady - no, a girl of about 18 rightly - who got bruised and beaten by the guy she lives with albeit illegally. Turned out she'd gone job-hunting - so she said - only to meet her boyfriend with a stick and matchet in hand awaiting her return. You guessed right! Nigger left marks and bruises on her body with the claim she's back from 'hustling' with her body.

Me like this no dey too too put body for couple matter sha, lest I become the devil after they'd settled, when all I wanted was the reign of peace. But there was something about her tears, and the way she shivered which didn't let me walk away. There was something about seeing her tattooed with dried blood from her wounds and bruises, something about her dislocated arm and swollen cheeks.

I did give her a piece of my mind 'fore leaving to go confront her guy, on how she was wrong to have even absconded with a man who paid nothing on her head 'cause he'd hardly ever respect her the way she deserves, despite the love stolen and shared, and why she needs to find her way back to her family 'til he indicates his interest with even a bottle of liquor, so her safety at least could be guaranteed.

I would find myself that day however, alongside two homies, cornering and laying flat the girl's guy on a lonely path. My homies, in anger, proceeded with drilling him with the very same tools he'd used on her. No, fuck that we were under the influence of drugs, it had more to do with the influence of her pains - you don't use a stick and a matchet on a lady you love, not even your hand on a lady!

Some girls could be very annoying and deserving of being beaten though. Girls who have the habit of nagging into neighbours ears of how useless their men are, and the ones who hit men first, are just the few who fall under this category. Personally I walk away in silence from any perceived madness from ladies 'cause experience has taught me that leaves them feeling stupid and scared of what I could be up to later, plus they'd always wanna make up afterwards.

I mean, there was a jobless nigger who contributes little to their upkeep, who survived from the girl's struggles until she fell out of her job, who did nothing but stay home most of the times laying claim to a lady, yet would assault her at any slight issue( it was one of the many she'd not told anyone we learnt, 'cause she loves him). No, that's man's inhumanity to a fellow human, it just doesn't cut as right.

          - - - - - - - - - - 

That evening however, I ran into the guy in a joint smoking herb. He flicked his eyes away from us as my homies and I approached but I darted his way. I abandoned my homies and sat beside him. I felt sorry I had to be a part of his humiliation, and in all honesty I apologized. But I gave him a piece of my mind, on how he should never have hit that girl, at least for the fact she abandoned family and eloped with him to this part of town to start a life together when there was no hope of life sef in their poverty.

Somewhere along the line I caught him grinning when I told him it was wrong bruising his woman's body and putting her through pains from assaults, when he would normally have bruised her and made her cry all he wanted when making love to her. He complained she hardly respected him, and talks back at him.
"Just find anything doing bro, she'd respect you the more when you come back with bread at least, you need it too to feel like the man you are."
I told him his problem was having nothing productive doing and not really the girl's attitude; trust me a jobless man always finds faults even with a 'perfect' woman - it's what experience taught me. Plus, only few women accrue their broke men respect. Money plays a big part in love stories truth be told, money creates unforgettable memories from the luxuries it brings.


Ladies must be respected, not abused!

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