The Lesson

in #life3 years ago

What can
a fruit teach
us about love? Let's say,
for simplicity, that nut is made
of skin that, most often, we reject, the flesh that we eat and the core that we plant. What relationship with love, you ask yourself ... It's simple. A man or a woman offers you his love, and you accept it, that is to say, you eat it, without doing any sorting. Sometime later, you are in full tragedy. Why? Because you have not understood the lesson of the fruit. You should have known that, like the fruit, the love of a human being necessarily contains individual elements that it is better to leave out.
In the love that we offer to you, there are always elements that you must reject (say symbolically, the skin), others that you can take (the flesh), and one, finally, that you must plant in your soul (the nucleus). When a being manifests his love, it is like a fruit of which you must first plant the core. Because even if the flesh of this fruit is succulent, it is better to know which tree will come out. When you know the exact nature of this tree, you will see if you can believe in that love and engage yourself.