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Our confidence mostly comes from our own self-esteem. To possess high selfesteem,
we need to feel good about ourselves. In order to get to this point in life,
you need to start doing things that make you
happy, focusing on the future, and creating
direction and purpose in your life.
You can do this by planning short and long-term
goals for yourself, and as a result, you'll notice
that your confidence will also rise.
This has worked for me now and it continues to
work for me. I started accomplishing some of
my short-term goals, and I felt far more
achieved and have more self-respect. I ended up developing a greater sense of
pride and my inner strength and self-worth improve


Confidence is a oil that keep you going mix with self esteem. Just by posting on steem help give you that.
Keep on steemin'

Yeah 100% true. Brian Tracy talks more about it.. He's a real genius!

I agree with what you say