[ENG] Gambler's notebook: day 3 and 4 results in +95% and +6,67% gains - 4th winning day in a row.steemCreated with Sketch.

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Day 3
Date: 2018-09-08
UEFA Nations League (football)

England - SpainAsian Handicap (0)21.953,27%1-2Win

Day Yield: +95.00%

Day 4
Date: 2018-09-11
UEFA Nations League (football)

Spain - CroatiaAsian Handicap (-1)21.802,00%6-0Lost
Hungary - Greece1X213.201,00%2-1Win

Day Yield: +6,67%

2018-09-12 comment:
Yesterday, I was definitely wrong about match between Spain and Croatia. Spain crushed their opponent 6 to 0. Things like that are always possible in sports events, this is what we call: "beauty of sport" at the end. This is good example of important thing: emotional state of gambler. Amateur players feel anger or disappointment in such situations - but it's the same part of game as the win is. Professional betting means total awareness of volatility: after series of wins, there are increasing likelyhood of failure.

Yesterday I have won only thank to my staking system. Polish legendary football coach Kazimierz Górski said: "Sometimes you can't win a match, then you should draw." Small, about 7% day yield was such a "draw".

Now, I see that Enrique's Spain is much stronger than a few months ago during World Cup. It's important to accumulate knowledge about players, coaches during the season. Enrique has changed this team, there two players that played much better than I expected: Dani Ceballos (debutant from Real Madrid) and Gaya (debutant from Valencia).



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