The Entrepreneur’s chest.

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The chest is a container or better still a storage, where valuables are kept. A chest is made in such a way that is tight and secured, to ensure that one’s treasure is kept safe. It is also kept safe until new valuables are found. It is called upon when things go downside, acts as a life saver.
An entrepreneur owns either an enterprise or runs a business, therefore he/she must have values and a mentality of how to handle things. The entrepreneur’s chest here is not talking about the tangible valuables, it is about the intangible ones. The chest is what the entrepreneur should keep safe and ensures it is not lost.

The values he/she must consider precious, the things the entrepreneur should do that depict what the enterprise/business and even the owner stands for. Four things would be mentioned in this article that would an entrepreneur should have in his chest, having them would make the enterprise/business stand the test of time.
Take time to read them through and act on them;

  1. Versatility: The best way to describe this is to say an entrepreneur should be a ‘generalist’ not a specialist. A specialist is someone that has a skill or knowledge on a particular area, the specialist specializes mainly on just one thing and knows little or nothing about any other thing. An entrepreneur should not be like that, he/she should work towards been a generalist. A generalist knows things about many areas, shows versatility in knowledge. For example if an entrepreneur runs a production company, he/she must know about the product, the finishing, packaging and also about selling. There are ways of getting knowledge, an entrepreneur must have versatility in the chest.

  2. Passion for solving problems: The best businesses that are thriving well are those that are built on solving problems for people. There are many problems to be solved, and the fire for the passion of solving them should not die in an entrepreneur. Even if the business is working out well, the passion for solving problems should still remain in the chest.

  3. Love of people than profit: when building a business, both long term and short term success are to be considered. And it should be in such a way that short term success is sacrificed for the long term goals and not the other way round. A smart entrepreneur should know that a successful business is built on loyal customers not mainly on profits. People should be showed love, this is easily done by respecting them and their feedbacks. The love should have a place in the chest.

  4. Better treatment of workers than the customers: Workers do the bulk of the jobs, the entrepreneur just manages. In fact, they should be called staff not workers, staff sounds more homely. It is the job of the entrepreneur to make them feel happy, keeping them happy would definitely increase their productivity. I heard of a man in Switzerland that paid all the arrears of his staff, gave their kids scholarships too. After the year, the man had his profit doubled. An entrepreneur should keep this act has a value and keep it in the chest.

These should be kept close to the entrepreneur, having this makes the business grow the more. Stay smart!

Post written by @heenahyuh, edited and posted by @camzy

Image used was gotten from PIXABAY

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