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Foundation can simply be defined as an element in which something is built. Many people are not where they want to be just because they built their lives on a faulty foundation.

Just like an house wont last if its built on a fault so also its our lives, if we build our lives on a faulty foundation,we wont go far,that is why one needs to be very careful.

Whatever you are doing or intend to do,make sure you start on a solid foundation,so you wont have any cause to regret later in future.All aspect of our lives needs to be built on solid foundation,but the most important aspect of our lives which we need to build on a solid foundation are:

1.Education- Not everyone want to go to school ,however if you wish to go through education path,make sure you start on a solid foundation,many students had being driven away from school simply because they started on a faulty foundation,a student starting with a cgpa of 1.00 if care is not taken,it will be difficult for such student to graduate with a first class,that is why its always important to start on a solid foundation,also a student starting on a faulty foundation of sleeping around with men might get pregnant while still at school or even a serious infection which can lead to her death

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2.Marriage- This is very important,marriage is a lifetime school,therefore building your marriage on a faulty foundation can be very disastrous, its very important that you build your courtship on a solid foundation so you wont have any problem in marriage.Start your relationship on a solid foundation of trust,understanding,forgiving spirit and many more.

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3.Family- There is an adage that says 20 friends cannot play for 20 years,you might be living with your siblings now but surely not for ever,a time will come when everyone will find his or her own way,when that time comes will you still be close with your family or you will be glad you are apart now? this is why now that you are together you need to build your relationship on a solid foundation,so when you are apart,you will still be close,and that care and love will still be there.

4.Friendship- what ever is worth doing is worth doing well,if you choose to make friends,make sure you do that on a strong foundation,don't have friends that you wont be able to trust each other or you wont be able to tell each other secrets,a good friendship they say is sometimes better than family.

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5.Prayer - its also very important to build a good relationship with God,build your prayer life on a good foundation,connect well with God

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Those are just some areas or aspect of our lives that need to build a solid foundation.If you have made a mistake in any aspect of your life and you are facing the consequence just keep calm and remember nothing last for ever.

Post written by @switmag, edited and posted by @camzy

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This is really a good one,good foundation is really necessary