No one cares if it’s not happening to them.

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Hello everyone. Today I’ll be talking about a few things I have witnessed and the lessons I’ve learned from the past few weeks.

NO ONE CARES IF IT’S NOT HAPPENING TO THEM. Okay fine, we could also say NO ONE REALLY CARES IF IT’S NOT HAPPENING TO THEM. We actually should have agreed to this statement in our minds as this isn’t far from the truth. The past weeks have been very rough for me. Extremely rough that someone even had to ask me if I was jinxed with bad luck for the week. Funniest thing is, the people I expected to be behind me to help me up were so relaxed and comfortable where they were instead of helping out. Lucky thing is, I do not depend on people so their in-actions had no effects on me. I picked myself back up. I’m more of a loner when it comes to helping myself.

So, I and my friends went out one night and visited a bar (which I never visited in my life) I took very little alcohol and got really dizzy so I wasn’t myself anymore. I had some sum of money in my wallet which I intended to use for the next morning for some very important payments. (couldn’t leave it at home cos people were there too) so I took it along. … after the bar, the fun and jesting, we got home and this friend asked for my wallet to pay the cab driver and I went in and slept off.

Next morning,still feeling dizzy and having slight headache, I stepped out of the house only to find my wallet on the lawn. All the money in it was gone. As confused as anything, I went in to show my friend how he carelessly left my wallet outside. He and the others in the house acted like they were affected for a few minutes and then the same careless guy raised another topic and they all got lost in that topic so much so that they didn’t know when I left their midst to do some other worthwhile things rather than brooding over the money.


One week gone now, no one asked how I was coping with getting the money back in time for the payment (Even though I’ve completed the payments a day after). NO ONE REALLY CARES IF IT’S NOT HAPPENING TO THEM - Hell they might seem like they are deeply affected about the loss or whatever happened to you but hell no. They’re not. The few people capable of that caring like that are most probably your immediate DIRECT family members. Why did I stress DIRECT? Those people have the purest form of connection to you…. your distant relatives might not care that much.

Have you ever witnessed people crying at a funeral as if the world wanted to end and the dead person meant the world + the galaxy to them but a week later, memories of the same person starts to fade in their minds save for the direct family members of the deceased who will forever carry the pain of the person in their hearts

Expecting people to come to your aid 100% of the time is like expecting the rain to fall everyday, you’ll be disappointed. I have one rule in my own life “DO NOT DEPEND ON ANYONE” and should I say that’s one of the best roads to happiness because when you have that thought, you’ll become so independent and capable of picking yourself up when you fall down. NOBODY CARES ABOUT YOU LIKE YOU!!!!!!

Another thing is this, do not let this realization turn you into someone who doesn’t care also. CARE FOR OTHERS BUT DO NOT EXPECT THEM TO CARE BACK IN REURN. It’s just like the rule of giving. You’re not giving so they can give you back. That everyone is selfish and wicked doesn’t mean you should darken your soul too Help when you can and don’t feel stabbed in the back when they do not care back..


Post written @stephenevets, edited and posted by @camzy

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