Getting Burnt Out on Life - Suggestions?

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Lately I haven't been posting much and it has been bothering me... Since I joined Steemit, I normally have a ton of Ideas and can’t wait to get home to put it into a posting. It would feel good to hit the publish button, like an addiction. It was soothing to be active in the community while providing exposure for myself and potentially getting payouts - But most importantly I enjoy writing! Always have, and now I can actually see physical rewards which has exploded my love for it even more.

Steemit is a great place. My love for this place has only grown and I am beyond happy that I joined when I did, except I wish that I was here from the day the doors had opened. I look at the Steemit platform as an evolutionary process in social networking and although the price has decreased substantially in the time since I joined, I look at the price as a positive aspect. I'm typically a positive person -

Months ago I would be ecstatic to see my post at 10$+, and now I'm still excited to see my posts at $10+   the difference is that now my Steem power is increasing at a massive rate.  Within the last month I have almost doubled my SP holding! This is all do to my postings being rewarded with essentially 

10x the Steem compared to a few months ago

Basically I have seen 2 of my posts make it over $100, so the price of Steem and the posting rewards as-they-are currently are 100% fine in my view. I don't expect $100 on 1post, but if it happens I'll still go nuts, just like I would have months ago. Pretty much, the price of Steem dropping has only affected me positively since declining, so I will look at it in a positive light. Makes sense, right?

I also completely believe in the platform success so I expect that sometime in the near future the price will go back to a level where my SP rewards aren’t as lucrative. When that time comes I don't want to be a person crying that it's too expensive and I don't have enough, now is the time to stockpile the SP. I know this.

 But for some reason in the past couple weeks my energy has reached an all-time low. My posts haven't produced and overall I have felt my quality fading. It's also hard to be positive,

I'm Burnt Out.

 Be Well Buzz 

School is hitting its peak for my 3classes. The difficulty in engineering is being dedicated, and giving your life to the studies. Using advanced calculus coupled with differentials is to-say-the absolute least, not much fun. Laborious...  

I have come to the conclusion, finding myself ready for a long vacation were I can do what @ned likes to reference "Hookers and Blow", that would be great. It’s not that I spend too much time here or that I look at everything around me in a much different way; searching for photographs or writing inspiration. It's not that I keep a piece of paper in my pocket to right ideas when I get them, or that I am constantly writing. 

I have come to the conclusion- 

"Logic Destroys Creativity"

 The Creativity Post 

Only 1 more month and I will have my much needed break! But until then, coffee and monster are possibly my best friends.  If you have any suggestions on stress relief, or how to revive the lost energy, please let me know some techniques. I am all ears and willing to try something out. I wan't the energy back that I had just 1 month ago.

Thank you for reading

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Your post struck home mainly due to the fact of being tied into blood family with steemit.. makes for a much different outlook on the blockchain and will be writing about this in the days to come. Thanks for the share! @generation.easy


I don't quite understand of "being tied into blood family". Sounds like were making Steemit a mob family, I'm ok for tha


lol, that's not really what I was getting at but I'm also not the best at expressing my true meaning behind my thoughts.. Basically I have arguments with family members about how this platform is going to change the world for the better of mankind. lolz

Are you sure it isn't the Winter Blues? I suffer from depression and I have noticed a distinct seasonal component to it (look up SAD) in addition to the normal episodes. Even if you don't suffer from depression these dark days can increase your stress and anxiety levels increasing the risk of burnout. You might want to try renting a light box and testing one out to see if it helps.


Yeah, i guess i really didnt think of the changing seasons. I always thought that was related to holiday stress.
Normally i like the winter. I will have to check out the light box, im not sure what that is.


You may be able to benefit from a full-spectrum lamp that you sit beside in the morning instead of the light box, plus getting outside on breaks. I've used light boxes, full-spectrum lamps, or tanning salons to get through gray winters with short days.

However, maybe you just need to cut yourself some slack while you focus on the tough part of the school term. Those sound like incredibly hard courses that require focus and a different part of the brain than you use for writing.

You could try getting up earlier and writing while you get your artificial light in the morning.


It's a basically a little box that makes full spectrum light (like sunlight). They are also called SAD lights.

sounds like you could use a joint ;)
Dont get burnt-out on life when you can get burnt-out on pot


Haha, yeah i could probably use that nice lookingbud :)

I hear you. There is nothing wrong with just sitting in quiet reflection.

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