Creepy guy watching me while fishing. Wtf I had no idea.

in life •  last year  (edited)


Fishing at my local spot today. The weather was so good, I could not resist getting the rod out and heading off to my local fishing spot. Not to many big fish around but with an evening like that, who cares.
Anyhow ...

I Was just sitting, watching the boats come in as the sun goes down.


When the wild life had an interest in what bait I was using. This is where shit gets creepy.


While messing with my camera I took the above photo and didn't noticed the creepy guy looking over the wall at me in the background. I didn't notice him at the time.
I took another photo, a split second later


Now he's gone. I didn't see that guy on camera at the time. No one was around me. I didn't notice him until uploading my photo to my blog.

How creepy is that ?? I'm now thinking I really hope he was bird watching. I'm officially freaked out.


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Dude, that is creepy!