At last I've convinced my son to join steemit.

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Over the past few weeks I've been trying to get my son to join steemit, as I truly believe that he has something good he can bring to the platform. He's an incredibly smart young man with massive knowledge of the technology world and even bigger potential for such a young age.

He does everything Gaming and techy related. Vlogs blogs and rants Way over my head. I'm just a simple fisherman

The internet today is a place where money can be made, and I look around and see kids making big coin from playing games and vlogs. Fair play to them.
There is so much opportunity for kids these days, why not do what he's good at and get paid.

So!! as something new my son @swzy has taken to steemit. I hope you can help him get up and running and check out what he does.

He can also be a little shit at times with very, how can I say it. Non politicaly correct views and doesn't mind sharing these views for debate. Usually "triggers a lot of liberals" as he calls them. Can be very funny.

I wish him good luck.

Check out his first post introduction and follow along if your into Gaming and tech randomness.

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You're nearly 40. Go and leave this "Techy Stuff" as you put it to me.


Haha up yours ya wee wanker I was only trying to help. I brought you here ya wee dick

This is such awesome news! I recently convinced my daughter and a younger co-worker to join. Let him know about dlive for game streaming!


I'm trying to get him to do dlive. @swzy