The Bridge

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Yeah, I know, it's a cliche title but try to focus on what I'm trying to tell you instead.

At times people think there are only two points in life, the start and the finish, but one is missing. Life is a journey between three cliffs, the start, the checkpoint and then success. In a way this article could also be referring to the bridge to success, if your definition of success is fulfilling your goals and purpose which is pretty much the essence of our existence.

Standing on the first cliff we see our destination which is the end cliff. Progress is actually the building of a bridge to link you toward's the destination you see. Now building a bridge over a looming abyss of clouds that seem to call you to jump on them can be pretty hard and because you know that beneath it is actually failure you want to just go back 'cause you know jumping into failure is a lot easier than building a bridge, but something has always been urging you on.

When we see our goal, it usually spurs us to go on, to reach that place and have it, so unless you're a person who doesn't have any goal in life, you can go ahead and jump on those clouds.

This effect clearly shows that goals are guidelines of life or better said, life lines, 'cause once you're determined to reach your destination, the lines connecting your cliff to your goal, form and then you start putting the planks as you progress.

Then here comes the not-so-bad guy but it becomes one when people make it so. The Checkpoint.

After reaching the checkpoint, people get satisfied. They often mistaken their checkpoint as their end point and say to themselves "It's not so bad here, it's pretty good", but I'll be honest, those who do that have given up. Sure, your checkpoint has a throne of money but it ain't as big as the one at your destination. Mediocrity promotes giving up, so one should never be satisfied with their checkpoint. Overcoming your checkpoint is even harder than building the bridge because though the spirit is willing, the flesh is weak. To overcome your checkpoint you have to know what you really want because a checkpoint is not it but rather it's illusion, and once you can overcome that illusion, you can continue.

The forces of nature try to stop and discourage you from heading towards your goal after leaving your checkpoint, the once puffy clouds turn into a tempest of destruction to shake you off the bridge, but don't lose heart because if you are serious about reaching that goal, the life lines will hold.

Even if you fall into the abyss of failure, you could always unleash your wings of faith to fly to the top and Start Over.

Hope you enjoyed this article and please study it to understand it's application in your life and always be kind enough to share it with others if it helped you out. Thank you for reading.

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