Take A Stand!

in #lifelast year

In our country, politics is just a game.
It's all about gain, gain, gain.
They probably don't even care if the citizens go insane,
To them it'll just be the same.
Frankly I think it's a pain.
The same people claiming to be our boon,
Are actually our greatest bane
And we have been forced to watch it all from the sidelines,
Stripped of everything that we are only left with sympathy
But that ain't it.
See we think we've been pushed to the sidelines,
But we could actually set the guidelines.
Paths for the next generation, that could be the key to our redemption.
Ways we all could follow,
And break this useless cycle of "borrow".
There is never nothing to do,
We've just gotta stick together like glue.
We are Nigeria,
So it's time we take a stand,
And reclaim our land!

#tired #recession

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